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Our adjusters can resolve your property or storm damage claim in Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and surrounding states.


We know how difficult it can be to take on insurance issues alone. We keep it simple to understand every step of the way.


We are straightforward and transparent in all of our communication. Our team speaks insurance and we keep the process straightforward.


Our commitment to honesty and integrity has made us a trusted intermediary for both the insured and their carriers.

We Proudly Serve Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Surrounding States

Our founders discovered a common problem in the insurance claims process: disputes. Insurance companies use a language that sounds foreign to anyone outside the industry, which often results in a frustrating experience for those filling a claim. We are a team of veteran public adjusters, so we know how to speak insurance. We’re also skilled in preparing detailed damage estimates that include all the essential building components and nothing outside industry standards. Our commitment to honesty and integrity has made us a trusted intermediary for the insured and their carriers. We have extensive experience with Alabama property damage insurance claims, Mississippi property damage insurance claims, Louisiana property damage insurance claims, and insurance claims in other areas nationwide.


From dispute resolution to policy review, we are here to help with any claim services you need. Explore our services below:


Manage dispute processes between insurance companies and policyholders to ensure fair compensation.


We offer professional appraisals for insurance claims to facilitate fair and accurate compensation assessments.


We provide guidance to help you navigate property damage insurance claims, ensuring maximum recovery.


We offer an analysis of your policies, identifying potential coverage gaps and providing valuable recommendations.

Hear From Our Customers

We receive glowing customer reviews that highlight our expertise in handling insurance claims and securing fair compensation for clients.
Michael Reed
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I can’t put into words how thankful I am to have found and utilized the services of Ensured Claims. Jason was extremely professional, responsive, and very helpful in bringing my claim to resolution. I would most definitely use Ensured’s service again. I strongly recommend their services to anyone dealing with an insurance claim, appraisal, or anyone in need of a building consultant.
Darren Bobo
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I have witnessed Ensured’s services first hand! Jason is very diligent in his representation! He is a man of his word and will tell you like it is. He is honest and hard working! He operates this way in all aspects of life so it a lifestyle for him and not just for work.
Brandon Shreeves
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From beginning to end, Ensured claims and its personnel kept me informed of each step in the process. The process was much smoother than I was expecting in a time where it seemed the insurance companies were too busy to return calls or help their insured.
Lois Yates
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Lloyds of London insurance company was stalling on my claims and refused to return calls as did the claims company. Thanks to Jason at Ensured Claim Services, the adjusters and the Insurance company are now working with us instead of ignoring me. Best money I have spent!

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Ensured Claim Services is a reputable company that provides expert assistance on insurance claims in the vibrant Mississippi Gulf Coast area. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we guide policyholders through the complex process, ensuring accurate evaluations and maximizing compensation for a smooth and fair claims experience.

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