About ENSURED Claim Services


We are a dedicated and experienced team of public adjusters,
specializing in helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world
of insurance claims. Our founder, a former carrier adjuster himself, recognized
a common issue in the industry – disputes arising from language barriers and
frustrating claim experiences. With our extensive expertise in insurance
processes and terminology, we effectively bridge this gap by relentlessly
communicating with insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

We step in when carrier adjusters fail to meet the needs of
their policyholders. Our founder grew tired of insured individuals
unquestioningly paying premiums, only to find themselves needing to beg and plead
with their adjusters when they required coverage.

Unfortunately we have to get involved with claims all to often when a company
representative did not prioritize the policyholders’ interests. We do not
entertain bogus claims of damage like others in our industry. We exclusively
represent those with legitimate losses and dispute that have been mistreated by their carrier. 

Why Choose Us

Trustworthy Assistance: Your Reliable Connection to Insurance Carriers. With our strong focus on honesty and integrity, we have earned a solid reputation as a trusted intermediary, bridging the gap between policyholders and their insurance providers.

Who We Serve

With extensive experience handling property damage insurance claims, including specific expertise in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and nationwide, we are here to provide unparalleled support and expertise to our valued clients.

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